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To Heal The World

An international online artistic reflection on mending the brokenness of our global family

Marwa Al Toumi, We Are All Patients, 2020
Marwa Al Toumi
We Are All Patients, 2020
Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

My artwork, We are all patients, is inspired by my experiences in the hospital during this Corona pandemic, not just as a doctor, but as a human first.  We are all suffering from this disease, which does not distinguish between one country or another, poor or rich, strong or weak.  Even doctors whose mission is to take care of patients have suffered too.  We are all patients and we are all equal.  While not all have been infected with the Coronavirus, we have all been affected with other illnesses, whether psychological, emotional or physical, which can be as deadly.  As any doctor whose main mission is to help find the right medicine to cure people's bodies, I believe art does the same thing for the soul toward healing the world.  I see my paintings as medicine for the soul.

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Twitter: @marwatoumim

Insta:    @marwatoumim

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