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Mixed media and acrylic painting on canvas

99 x 99 cm

Arab women are regaining awareness of Being.  They are conforming and abiding in the state of feeling realization. They are finding the true nature beyond name and form. They are practicing the connectedness with measurable and indestructible essentials of life.

“Golden” is a mixed media painting that reveals this transformation from darkness to light (with an influence) using the mechanism of abstraction while showing the merits of carrying the culture and traditions throughout the journey.  The painting combines portrait, acrylic painting, Arabic calligraphy, and detailed texturing and layering.

Golden, Manal Deeb
Manal Deeb

Manal Deeb is an Arab American visual artist out of the Washington DC area. Manal had many solo and group exhibits in Washington DC, New York City, Dallas, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Fairfax & Lorton in Virginia/USA, London, Paris, Cairo/Egypt, Doha/Qatar, Rome and Malaga/Spain. Her  artwork is a reflection of her original identity as an Arab female and the challenges in living in the US and raising three daughters. 


Manal has contributed artwork for the causes of Arab females, women rights in general, and the Palestinian cause. She is a residing artist at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia, USA.  Her artwork has recently been selected as one of the curated 2016 Directors’ Collection at the Center.


Manal's work presents many identities that are indistinguishable. Each identity has the same apparent memories and perceives identical surroundings, while believing, with evidence, to be representing the real self and the actual memories. Manal studied studio arts at UIC, Chicago, and Psychology of Art at GMU, Fairfax, VA. Her studies of fine arts and psychology have provided her with the ability to work on her artwork as a self-therapy tool while presenting projects with vital messages reflecting women rights for living a productive and enlightened life.

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