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To Heal The World

An international online artistic reflection on mending the brokenness of our global family

Anne-Francoise Giraud, Fenetre interieure, 2020
Anne-Françoise Giraud
Fenêtre intérieure, 2020
Mixed media collage

My painting is an invitation to find oneself in an intimate space, protected from the aggression of the world. Like a fully living plant organism, it follows all the movements of our inner life, within a space which is sacred to us, and whose shape evokes that of a church or a temple.  It thus invites us to meditation, in which we bring together what is in us, the diverse and scattered, so that we become harmonious within and without. The multicolored fragments then come together to compose a stained-glass window, whose restored harmony lets in a shimmering and soothing light where there was only shade. This work is done slowly and in silence, like a meditation. Each fragment connects me to a place or a person. Like the bonds between humanity, it requires delicacy, patience, and perseverance, to be able to take on a new life, and in this sense to be a bearer of hope.

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