Around the world, people are experiencing unprecedented change and having to question how they live, the values that underpin their societies and what the future holds.  To help process all the various layers and aspects involved we are offering a short film festival to explore, express, share and discuss concerns, creative solutions and a variety of visions for how we can all contribute to a better future.


Over the last few months, the world we were all familiar with has been shaken and changed irrevocably.  We now find ourselves in a situation where we are presented with a real opportunity to rethink, redress and create a new path going forward.  At the heart of this is how we interact and communicate.  We need to be better at respectfully listening to each other, showing compassion and working together to create societies that embody social justice, equality, inclusion and community at their center, as well as addressing the environmental emergency that confronts us.


A New Future is a platform where people can offer their opinions, insights and visions for the future through short films with a selection of additional virtual events and resources including; discussions, interviews, artist talks, studio visits.  For two months (November 6 – December 21, 2020) we will showcase visual perspectives from around the world regarding “a new future.”


Our aim is to provide an opportunity for creatives to share experiences and uplifting optimistic visions that will contribute positively to the wider global community.


For this juried Short Film Festival, all filmmakers around the world are invited to submit a short film no longer than 5 minutes that closely adheres to the theme, A New Future

 The submission deadline for the Festival has now passed. 

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Meet The Jury


Meet our six judges.