Transformation through the Arts 

“We live in a fractured world. I've always seen it as my role as an artist to attempt to make wholeness.”


SIR ANISH KAPOOR, CBE, RA - award-winning contemporary British-Indian sculptor


Hady Boraey The Confusion


Sacred Earth

For the first time, all our artistic initiatives this year will be related to caring for the environment.  Our 2021 theme, "SACRED EARTH: Restoring the World through the Arts," reflects the urgent need to confront and address climate change and our relationship with the earth.  

The Ocean Voice

We have launched our SACRED EARTH focus with The Ocean Voice, which showcases the stunning photography by Rodrigo Thome, as he captures the vast, underwater world with all its vibrancy and mystery. 

Open:  7 February - 31 March 2021

Draft open call 2.jpg

Announcing the launch of our Open Call for Genesis: The Beginning of Creativity. We are inviting artists from all traditions, faith backgrounds and philosophies to respond to the Creation narratives in the Book of Genesis, the introductory verses to the Gospel of John, and the relevant suras of the Holy Qur'an and any additional and pertinent commentaries.

Deadline for submissions: 16 March 2021

More details can be found here

Sliman Mansour

BLOG: In our latest post, we talk to renowned artist Sliman Mansour about his formative years, influences and the effects of the last year. 

Hubert Walter Award

THE ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY awards the Hubert Walter Award for Reconciliation and Interfaith Cooperation to CARAVAN's Founding President, Rev. Paul-Gordon Chandler.  

Read the announcement in ENS here or in ArtDaily here

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Sacred Earth

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